The Audiological Resource Association began in 1975 as a small group of audiologists in private practice meeting to discuss common problems and needs. These meetings were deemed necessary because state and national associations had become so large and broad in scope that they could not reasonably be expected to solve the problems or to meet the needs of the audiologist in private practice.

Realizing that other audiologists in private practice in the same geographic region had similar problems and common needs, a decision was made to formally organize the Association. Other audiologists were invited to an organizational meeting, officers were elected, by-laws adopted, and a charter was granted February 1976 by the State of Tennessee.

Meeting at least twice each year, members have found comradeship through sharing of successes and problems. Program subjects are chosen by the membership and are designed to answer special concerns brought about by individual practice.


The purpose of the Audiological Resource Association is: 

1) To enhance professional competency in the following areas: a. Diagnostics b. Amplification c. Habilitation and Rehabilitation d. Medical Aspects of the Hearing Impaired e. Conservation of Hearing f. Professional Relations g. Education h. Business Management

2) To promote and foster an interdisciplinary relationship among audiologists and otolaryngologists.

3) To provide as vehicle for representation in matters of professional concern.

Founding Members

Benjamin W. Dawsey, Au.D.
Garrett Denniston, M.A.
Daniel Schumaier, Ph.D.

Past Presidents

Daniel R. Schumaier, Ph.D. 1975-1978
Danny W. Gnewikow, Ph.D. 1979-1980
Edward T. Whitson, M.S. 1981-1982
Henry Hecker, Au.D. 1983-1984
William Hudson, M.A. 1985-1986
Glen W. Johnson, M.A. 1987-1988
Ben Dawsey, Au.D. 1989-1990
Gordon L. Fletcher, Au.D. 1991-1992
Teryl N. Delagrange, Au.D. 1993-1994
Cynthia Earle, Au.D. 1995-1996
James Carroll, Jr., Au.D. 1997-1998
Jackie Niedringhaus, Au.D. 1999-2000
Larry Hutto, Au.D. 2001-2002
Eric Hecker, Ph.D. 2003-2004
Ken Parker, Au.D. 2005-2007
Daniel R. Schumaier, Ph.D. 2007-2009
Catherine Martine, Au.D. 2009-2011
Lynda Klee, Au.D. 2011-2012
Richard Israel, Ph.D., 2013-2014

Audiologists of the Year

Faye Churchill 1982
Ben Dawsey 1983, 1986
Henry Hecker 1984
William Hudson 1985
Edward T. Whitson 1986
Robert Zelski 1987
Teryl N. Delagrange 1988
Kate Tuomala 1989
Ken Thomas 1990
Jill Howard 1991
Jackie Niedringhaus 1992
Ben Dawsey 1993
Dan Schumaier 1994
Helena Solodar 1995
Gordon Fletcher 1996
Judy Bible 1997
Janne H. Mack 1998
Cynthia Earle 1999
Mary Anne Larkin 2000
Tami Ike 2001
Danny Gnewikow 2002
Lynn Lehman 2003
Catherine Martine 2004
Jim Carroll 2005
Dan Orchik 2006
Ann Widener 2007
Lynda Klee 2008
Ken Parker, Tony Whitson 2009
Richard Israel 2010
Sandra Skipper 2011
Christina Seaborg 2012
Kim Clontz-Franklin 2013

Audiological Resource Association welcomes you on our informative resource! All the useful and entertaining facts will be described on this website. Follow for possible meetings and events organized.